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Centenary Photographic Competition 2023

Centenary Photographic Competition 2023: Electronic Communication

Taking a camera or your phone and shooting a picture is an easy. But how about, when composing your image, you think about how your picture might be used to discover some aspect of science and engineering?

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, MathematicsFrom a flower to a rainbow, from a bubble to a radio mast, from smoke to light, from microscopy to astronomy, everywhere in our modern world we face science and engineering wonders that make our lives easier, more fun and more interesting. This is the fourth year of our competition and we have had some outstanding winners in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Art meets Science – Our annual photographic competition this year aims at creating an opportunity for you to creatively express, in pictures, what you observe within science. We hope that this will get you exploring the visual aspects of STEAM through the art and science of photography, and capturing images that demonstrate and communicate STEAM concepts and phenomena.

This year, with our Giving Voice schools' project, the focus is on the many facets of:

Electronic Communication

(Including everything old and new, from radio to TV to computers and mobile phones, records, CDs, microwaves, IR sensors, Wi-Fi and more!)

We want you to take photographs (up to 3 entries) that express what electronic communication means to you, or how it impacts health and environment (for better or worse). Each photograph should be accompanied with a short plain-language explanation (not more than 50 words) of the science and thoughts behind it.

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Photographic Competition 2022 winners announced

Photographic Competition 2022 winners announced

Images on the theme of "Controlling the Climate Crisis"

Thank you to everyone who entered our 2022 Photographic Competition on the theme of Controlling the Climate Crisis. We were delighted to receive yet again an impressive selection of thoughtful, powerful, clever and sometimes funny images that speak to this important topic.

You can see all of the photographs at our web gallery here.

Congratulations to our winners, whose entries are shown below. Since quite a few of the entries (unfortunately) didn't meet the technical criteria or appeared to be copied from stock images, we have awarded a first prize (£60) and four highly commended prizes (£20), across the age categories. We look forward to running another competition next year.

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TEXPO 2022

TEXPO 2022

After two years off due to Covid, the annual CSES Schools' Competition returned on 17 June 2022, now known by its new name "TEXPO" (Schools' Technology Exhibition) as it accompanies our new online competitions and projects.

Numbers were understandably lower this year, but the standard of work on display was incredibly high. Entries were especially impressive given the limitations that we know people have faced over the last couple of years during the pandemic.

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Call for entries: TEXPO 2022

TEXPO 2022 and Photo Competition – ONE WEEK left to enter!

TEXPO: Friday 17 June 2022, ARU Chelmsford

CSES welcomes entries to the 2022 TEXPO: Schools’ Technology Exhibition.

Open to Y5-13 | All STE(A)M projects welcome | Show your work to scientists and engineers | Cash prizes to be won

Are you in a STEM club at primary or secondary school? Have you made something fantastic in technology or science lessons or for your coursework? Have you created some great software? Have you been doing interesting technical projects at home? (Or have your students?)

Or do you have some STE(A)M work you'd like to share with others – including real scientists and engineers – such as a poster, report, presentation or video?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then exhibit at the annual CSES TEXPO. There is prize money to be won! All STE(A)M projects are very welcome – whether practical or theoretical. The TEXPO now includes a dedicated 'poster session' for science, maths and non-practical projects.

This is also an excellent opportunity to develop your interview and presentation skills, as you explain your project to our judges, many of whom are from local industry. You won't just get professional feedback and tips from real engineers and scientists, you'll also get to talk about careers – this is great exposure and looks good on your CV or university application!

Register online quickly and easily here.

Find out more about TEXPO here.

Centenary Photographic Competition: Controlling the Climate Crisis

Also a reminder that our Centenary Photographic Competition is still open for entries.

Open to anyone living, working or attending education in Essex, our photographic competition explores the key link between the creative arts and STEM. The theme is Controlling the Climate Crisis.

We want you to take photographs that express what you think are the ways in which we are starting to mitigate the climate crisis. So take out your camera or your phone and snap some photos that encapsulate the essence of climate change and the role of science and technology! We will be looking for photos that are creative in their approach, with an innovative angle on the subject, or have a creative interpretation of the themes.

Enter online quickly and easily here.

Find out more about the competition here.

The entry deadline for both competitions is Friday 10 June 2022.

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