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Greensward Academy at the CSES Schools' Challenge

12 students from the Greensward Academy attended the CSES Schools' Competition

On Friday 28th June, 12 Greensward students attended the Chelmsford Science and Engineering Societies’ Annual Schools’ Competition. The event was hosted by Anglia Ruskin University where the students presented the 3 projects they had been working on, either in STEM club, or as part of the Engineering Education Scheme, to a range of judges from the local science and engineering community.

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Greensward Academy STEM 2018

CSES support continues to have a positive impact

This article, reproduced with kind permission from Greensward Academy's STEM Roundup 2017-18 newsletter, showcases another excellent year of STEM achievement, facilitated by the CSES STEM Club Bursary and Schools' Engineering and Technology Competition.

Vegetable batteries

A team of year 7 students have been working on a project to investigate which vegetables make the best batteries, inspired by the concept of a potato clock. They have looked at how vegetable batteries work, as well as which metals make the best electrodes. They took their project to the 2018 CSES Schools' Engineering and Technology Competition to show their research.

Vegetable Batteries

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KEGS First Lego League

KEGS Team Illuminatus

On Saturday 25 February, King Edward VI Grammar School (KEGS) Young Engineers team 'Illuminatus', all in year 8, embarked on a journey to the First Lego League (FLL) National Finals at the University of Western England in Bristol. It was a great experience and we all gained something from it.

Thank you to CSES for awarding us a STEM Club Bursary which helped us to continue with this competition and go to Bristol. Below, some of the team members have given their own accounts of the event and what they have learned from it.

Congratulations to team Illuminatus, who went on to win the Design Execution award at the 2017 Schools' Competition.

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Chelmsford primary schoolchildren create LEGO designs for the Year of Engineering

Press release: 25 June 2018

Children from Trinity Road Primary school were invited to attend the 2018 CSES Schools' Engineering and Technology Competition at Anglia Ruskin University to present work they'd prepared as part of a school competition celebrating the Year of Engineering.

Children from Trinity Road Primary School proudly display their entries for the CSES competition at Anglia Ruskin University
Children from Trinity Road Primary School proudly display their entries for the CSES competition at Anglia Ruskin University

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Frinton-on-Sea Primary School

Frinton-on-Sea Primary School STEM LEGO Club

In LEGO club, we use LEGO to practise STEM skills. We have used LEGO to make boats that float, make bridges that hold at least 2 kg, create models to design specifications and learn basic coding. Our favourite challenge was to design and make a device to send a LEGO figure down a zip line. We also enjoyed building tall towers and figuring out ways to make them stable. We were happy to receive the bursary and hope to use it to get some technical LEGO and power functions so we can build moving models.

— Daniel, Christopher, Maya and Tom (10 years old)

CSES awarded a bursary of £100 to Frinton-on-Sea Primary School in January 2017, followed by the STEM Club Award at the 2017 Schools' Competition.

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