CSES is the hub of Engineering, Technology and Science in Essex.

CSES: explore, educate, expand

Our objectives and purpose can be summarised in three words:

explore · educate · expand

Our mission

  • Explore: advance public engagement in science, engineering and technology.
  • Educate: develop tomorrow's scientists, engineers and technologists through high-quality and inclusive STEM education and by promoting STEM careers.
  • Expand: provide a social and professional network for members.

Our vision

Our vision is of a vibrant, collegiate environment in which everyone can learn about and discuss up-to-the-minute topics involving science, engineering and technology, with a focus on the issues, sectors and technologies that will drive innovation and industry in the region.

Our vision is to be a sustainable and diverse organisation, respected for its technical excellence, which connects key stakeholders to lead the conversation, facilitates a ubiquitous network of activity and delivers grassroots support to the education sector and the education of the public more widely.

Find out more below, meet our team or discover our network of partners.

Explore: advance public engagement

Explore: advance public understandingCSES is a registered charity with a mission of public engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We reveal and promote awareness of STEM in people's everyday lives, and highlight innovation and industry in the region.

We deliver an exciting and varied programme of events, providing personal and professional development opportunities through learning, discussion and volunteering. We welcome students, professionals at all stages in their career, and indeed anyone who has a general interest in the sciences, engineering and technology.

For those working in the STEM sector, these activities contribute to continuing professional development (CPD).

Educate: develop tomorrow's talent

Educate: develop tomorrow's talentA critical part of our mission is to encourage the study of STEM subjects and to excite young people to build careers in the sector.

We deliver and coordinate STEM education activities in Essex, for primary and secondary students both at school and at home, stimulating interest and promoting STEM careers. Our activities include clubs, competitions, conferences/fairs, bursary support and volunteering with schools.

Recognising the crucial importance of maintaining the UK's industrial skills base, we connect students, schools, colleges, universities and employers to help build the talent pipeline.

Expand: provide a network

Expand: provide a networkCSES brings together STEM professionals and those who have a general interest, providing a social and professional network for this large and important group of people.

We also connect key stakeholders – including local government, businesses, academia, the education sector, the health sector and the public – to collaborate on the challenges, sectors and technologies that drive innovation and industry in the region.

This is facilitated through our programme of regular talks, friendly social events and more formal conferences, roundtables etc.

CSES is very much part of local history, having been formed as the Chelmsford Engineering Society in 1920 by representatives of the local companies (including the world-famous Marconi, Hoffman and Crompton). We seek to celebrate, preserve and educate people about our region's renowned engineering and industrial heritage.

CSES Vision and Mission

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