Partners and stakeholders

A key strength of CSES is its network of partner and stakeholder organisations. We have over 100 years of working within STEM education and industry, which has given us a genuine reach across sectors. We are connected to local business, the education sector and the public throughout Essex. We also work closely with local government. This enables us to create links, facilitate effective collaboration and deliver on our mission.

Sponsors and Corporate Members

The majority of our funding comes from our Sponsors and Corporate Members, to whom we are hugely grateful. Contact the Treasurer to find out more about Corporate Membership.

Strategic Partners

We work with the following organisations towards our shared goal of improving education, employment and regional development, and to lead the conversation on the issues, sectors and technologies that drive innovation and industry in the region. This is achieved through mutual in-kind support, and targeted funding where necessary.

Collaboration Partners and Network

These organisations are part of the "CSES network", either as formal collaboration partners of CSES or as related organisations with similar aims whose work we support and promote.

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