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CSES has a mission of public engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Working with local government, businesses, academia and the education and health sectors, we connect key stakeholders to reveal and promote awareness of STEM in people's everyday lives and to highlight innovation and industry in the region.

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Ageing Well: A Smarter Essex

Forum discusses an innovative future for Essex

CSES facilitates event on challenges and opportunities of ageing population

The first in a series of discussions on how to address some of the challenges facing an ageing population within Essex, supported by CSES, has taken place.

Led by the Essex Partnership Board in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin and CSES, the event on 6 December 2016 welcomed public service commissioners, academics, businesspeople, experts and partners to discuss innovative new ideas around Essex's ageing population.

Ageing Well: A Smarter Essex
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