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Could coronavirus make university education fairer?

CSES collaborator Steven Cutts gives his view in the Independent

In the coming months, Covid-19 is going to force us to try out virtual teaching on a mass scale. If down the line it leads to students being taught by the brightest and best, shouldn't we embrace it? Steven Cutts isn't so sure...

As CSES launches its 2020/21 programme, including big conversations on key topics such as the future of education, this is some interesting food for thought. Originally published in April 2020, this article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of learning remotely, and is now very relevant as the university term gets underway and the disruption faced by many students becomes apparent.

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Steven's previous talks for CSES include:

  • Café Scientifique: Life on Mars (2018)
  • Café Scientifique: Joint Replacement (2019)
  • The Medical Implications of Spaceflight (2020)

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