We are a key provider and coordinator of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education activities and support in Essex. These are for students at school and home, and are designed to both stimulate an interest in STEM and to open possible career paths.

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Including our flagship annual TEXPO for schools, projects and online competitions throughout the year.

Imagine! STEM Club

Out-of-school clubs, masterclasses and projects to enhance learning with fun, practical activities.

My Smarter Essex

Interactive conferences attended by students, industry partners and the public sector.

STEM Club Bursary

Financial and in-kind support for your STEM Club, project or activity at school.


Careers guidance, STE(A)M activities, ideas and other material for all ages both in school and at home.

Your stories

Take inspiration from what others have been getting up to.

2010 Competition results






Y 7 – 9, Design

Kerri Crockford

Louise Moss


Electric free amplifier for iPhone/MP3

Hylands School

Highly Commended

Gemma Frith

Abigail Graham

Lisa Wong


Rucksack that distributes weight evenly

Westcliff High School for Girls

Highly Commended

Rachel Watts

Lauren Saunders


A cloche frame made from fizzy drink bottles

Hylands School

Highly Commended

Y 7 – 9, Systems & Control

Julia Gibb

Kelly Thompson

Sana Chaudhry




Medicine dispenser that prevents overdose

Westcliff High School for Girls


Y 10 – 11 Design

Simon Potter


A classic occasional table design revisited.

Tendring Technology College


Jake Tyrrell


A garden mood light

St Martin’s School


Kiera Sherlock


A mood light with personal effects storage

St Martin’s School

Highly Commended

Josh Wright


A table formed from sculpture and function.

Tendring Technology College

Highly Commended

Y 10 – 11 Systems & Control




Electronic die



Richard Cooke


DJ Battle mixer sound system

Colchester High School

Runner Up (joint of 3)

David Wood


Electronic die


Runner Up (joint of 3)

Alex Lambert


Electronic metronome


Runner Up (joint of 3)

Matthew Davies


Swimming reaction timer

Colchester High School

Highly Commended

Y 12 – 13 Design

Alex Fountain


A modern take on the classic art easel

Tendring Technology College


Charlotte Snow


Baby play mat with activities set out like a puzzle

Tendring Technology College

Runner Up

Jamie Marshall


Work station for 5-10 yr-olds.

Tendring Technology College

Highly Commended

James Dixon


Feature table - Ash & MDF

Braintree sixth form

Highly Commended

Ben Coughan


Shelving unit, oak & chrome supports

Braintree sixth form

Highly Commended

Y 12 – 13 Systems & Control

Matthew Mooney


Stable bike

Great Baddow High School


Kate Bannatyne

Timothy Spence

Fraser Hubbard

Nathan Turner


Automatic rain cover for equipment used in the field

St Martin’s School,

Runner Up (joint of 2)

Ciaran Sanford

Lewis Chatt




Battery replacement buggy


Runner Up (joint of 2)

Jamie Jones


Bath monitor for a baby

Tendring Technology College

Highly Commended


Daniel Wright

Tony Duck

Rhys Smith-Allen

Richard Simmonds

Ricky Zimmer


Mini ROV Project

Selex Galileo Limited

Highly Commended

Lewis Bourke

Lewis Hazell

Harry White


Safety Control system based on company products

ICS Triplex

Highly Commended

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Schools' Competition - CCHS

On Friday 29 June 2012, the Chelmsford Engineering Society held its annual school/college competition and exhibition in which various students from different schools brought in their projects to show to judges and other technology enthusiasts. Each school/project was given a stall, time to organise themselves, and encouraging smiles from others around, but with more than 60 projects in the competition, it was bound to be a long day.

The projects on display representing CCHS included the Year 8 Go4SET Eco-Classroom, the Engineering Education Scheme projects and A-Level Product Design projects from Megan Copnell and Rebecca Shelford. Throughout the day judges came and went, not just inspecting our projects but inspiring us through their incredible experience in technology and impressive careers.

At the end of the day, once the judging was complete, everyone was summoned to a lecture hall and the price giving ceremony began, along with a motivating talk straight after. The G04SET team achieved a Highly Commended and the EES team in the Systems and Control category came runners-up in their age group.  These two groups will attended the Prize Ceremony on Saturday 14 July. Many thanks again to the Chelmsford Engineering Society for being so inspirational to our young engineers.

Written by a student from Chelmsford County High School for Girls

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Graduate's View - Jack

Should I Consider Engineering?

Find out more about what life in an engineering related career is like - and why you might like to work in an engineering company yourself.

Engineering. Sounds pretty dull doesn't it? That is until you start working in engineering. I am now a graduate in electronic engineering, and below I'll try to tell you how I managed to get a job that lets me work on some pretty awesome military equipment (don't ask I can't you...), travel round the world and get paid a good amount of money for it!

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Should I host the IET Faraday Challenge at my school?

By Bob Easby, Westcliff High School for Boys

I first attended a Faraday Challenge with a group of Year 8 students from Westcliff High School for Boys on a cold January day in 2012. I was initially impressed at how a school hall, full of 36 excited 13-year-olds suddenly fell silent when the Faraday presenters began describing the day's challenge. The mood hardly changed with all the teams working diligently in, what for 13-year-olds, seemed to be total silence for the whole day. The boys were so enthusiastic on the way back to Westcliff that I resolved to try to host the event the following year.

Find out more from the IET website

Faraday Challenge Days are one-day STEM activities developed by the IET for six teams of six students aged 12-13 years for secondary schools, and also available for self-delivery in primary schools. The challenge days take place over approximately a six month period at schools throughout the UK.

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Engineering Our Future - Daniel, Y12

I have been to two Engineering Our Future lectures hosted by CSES at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford. I feel that these have both been very worthwhile in informing the career path that I would like to choose due to the wide variety of topics covered by the courses. The presence of company exhibits allowed me to see what the companies actually do in a far more tangible way than through the abstract descriptions on their websites.

The lectures were both informative and interesting, highlighting the practical uses of the engineering that they use. The lecturers have all been very knowledgeable and have related to the audience well. To summarise, I would highly recommend these lectures for anyone who is looking to find out more about a career in Engineering.

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