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My Smarter Essex goes on tour

My Smarter Essex goes on tour

TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Yubo, are words that parents may or may not have heard of. As adults when we think about the internet we may think of funny cat videos, shopping online or sharing photos of our dinner on Facebook, but the digital world that our children are left to wander through alone every day can be very different indeed. Recent studies by OFSTED have shown that our young people can be exposed to shocking material online. Students in both primary and secondary schools said that they or someone they know had experienced online sexual abuse or harassment, with nearly 90% of female students saying that they had received unsolicited 'nudes'.

Do you really know what is going on in your child's smartphone?

On Thursday 21 April 2022, Passmores Academy invited the Harlow Community for an evening of quizzes, talks and an exhibition to answer the question: "The Internet – what's really going on?". Following the CSES My Smarter Essex format and jointly delivered by the school, CSES, The STEM Hub and Essex County Council (ECC), this fun, interactive and informative event explored and explained the trust and safety risks and pitfalls, as well as the benefits and opportunities that come from using the Internet, to both primary and secondary students and their parents. An exhibition by local employers from across the STEAM spectrum accompanied the main talks, with catering and childcare provided for all attendees.

Cllr Tony Ball, ECC Cabinet Member for Education Excellence, Lifelong Learning and Employability, said:

The Event would not have been possible without the hard work of Amy Knight, the School's Science Teacher [and CSES Secretary]; CSES Council Members; David Chadwick, the School's Vice Principal and Event compere; and Peter Sutton (Co-ordinator Southeast England Hub for STEM Ambassadors) who organised the STEM Fair. Our special thanks go to the guest speakers for the evening, the NSPCC and Caroline Thomas, and lastly The Team from CSES who designed and facilitated the "My Smarter Essex" concept. I am pleased to confirm that the ECC’s key Event Outcomes were fulfilled.

Through CSES, ECC are funding a further three similar My Smarter Essex events over the next year or so, to be held 'on tour' in more disadvantaged areas of the county, raising awareness of and opportunities within the STE(A)M sector.

The next event will take place on 9 November at Clacton Coastal Academy.

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