Arkwright Engineering Scholarships: Celebrating 30 Years

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships: Celebrating 30 Years

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are the most prestigious of their type, supporting engineering minded students during their A levels and equivalent qualifications.

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Program and their focus is on making more schools and students from all backgrounds aware of Arkwright Scholarships and the opportunities they provide.

Arkwright Scholarships are open to a range of eligible students and any who are engineering minded with the passion and determination to succeed are encouraged to apply.

If you know any eligible students who you think may be interested, please do spread the word.  Arkwright would be greatly appreciative of any support you can give to help make more students aware of the benefits a scholarship would bring.

Information for teachers and students can be found on the Arkwright website.

Applications close at midday on Friday 15th January 2021.

In order for students to apply, their school must be partnered with Arkwright. It's completely free for schools to become partnered and only takes a few minutes for a teacher to complete. Once partnered, teachers will receive an email to nominate their students.


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