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Greensward Academy

Greensward Academy launched a STEM club in 2015, aided by £500 of STEM Club Bursary seed funding from CSES. This grant enabled 110 students from years 7 and 8 to participate the 2015 UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. We are delighted to report that the group achieved 8 silver and 19 bronze awards at national level.

We awarded a further £500 in 2016 to enable the nascent STEM club to grow. This money was used to fund various projects including a hydroelectric power generator, which was presented at our 2016 Schools' Competition and won the £200 STEM Club Award.

So after two years and a total of £1200 of STEM Club Bursary funding, Greensward Academy has a thriving STEM Club that continues to grow and with which we will continue to be involved. This is an excellent example of how the STEM Club Bursary can help a school to start and evolve a STEM Club, and we hope that this encourages other schools to apply.

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