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Having an Arkwright Scholarship

By Dayann, Year 13

Being an Arkwright Scholar has been very advantageous and has given me various opportunities to experience topics and sectors of engineering that I wouldn't otherwise be able to get involved with. Furthermore, I have had the added advantage of being sponsored by CSES, which has allowed me to become a member of the society and attend the lectures they hold.

The lectures I have attended have been based on a wide range of topics which are all applicable to engineering in differing ways but all have an important relevance to the wider world, making them interesting and thought provoking. Although they are not the most pressing of topics in everyday news, it reminds us of important topics that engineering is highly influential in and has helped me gain a better understanding of how exactly engineering can relate to real world issues.

In addition, the recognition of having an Arkwright scholarship has been very helpful in pursuing higher education in engineering, aiding in university interviews and applications. CSES has been very supportive in encouraging a career in engineering and the sponsorship itself has obviously been helpful. Overall, CSES has been a fantastic sponsor and the Arkwright Scholarship scheme and the implications of the scholarship have fuelled my interest in engineering.

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