Photographic Competition 2021 winners announced

Images on the theme of Fresh Air, Fresh Thinking

We were absolutely delighted to receive such incredibly high-quality – and clever! – entries to our second Photographic Competition, this year on the theme of Fresh Air, Fresh Thinking to accompany our Affiliate Schools Project. As you will see below, these convey some very powerful messages, and should give us all pause for thought.

You can see all of the photographs at our web gallery here.

Congratulations to our winners, whose entries are shown below. They have received Amazon vouchers to the value of £60 (first prize), £30 (second prize) and £20 (third prize). We look forward to running another competition this year.

First Prize Winner (Secondary)

The Cars' Tea Shortage (Mary Holloway-Rudd, Year 10/11)

I found with global warming and COVID everything got disrupted but I never thought for one minute that the cars' "tea" (petrol/diesel) would be a shortage. I had to sit in the car for a total of 45 minutes to find out there was no diesel... so then further waited another 30 minutes. I wonder if we will ever go back to our "original state"?

First Prize Winner (Primary)

Childhood (Sarah Mirkin, Year 4)

Air pollution is unfair because poorer areas can have dirtier air. Children who live there can suffer from asthma because of the dirty smoke they have to wheeze in. I hope we're luckier and that things are not as bad as they were in Victorian times.

Second Prize Winner (Secondary)

Bus to School, Cleaner Air for All (Florence Farnham, Year 7/9)

Second Prize Winner (Primary)

Breathe (Ethan Russell, Year 5/6)

Third Prize Winner (Secondary)

Industrialisation (Daniella Gbadebo, Year 12/13)

Air pollution means people have to wear masks to filter out the harmful toxins caused by factories. It means buildings get dirty, and roads are dusty. However, a world without air pollution means we can enjoy the sunset and trees around us; we can live and breathe clean air.

Third Prize Winner (Primary)

Empty Ideas (Bethany Gladwin, Year 5/6)

Empty electric car charging points give a bad impression of our world, because electric cars can help reduce air pollution so should be used more.

I would like the bikes in London to be promoted more, so that less people use cars and we can protect the earth.

Visit our web gallery to see all the photos entered.

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