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CSES seeks video editor

CSES seeks video editor

As you may be aware, we offer videos of our talks and some other events to members via the website.

Unfortunately, we have a huge backlog of videos from past events still to be published as we (the Committee) currently don't have sufficient capacity to work through them!

We are looking for a video editor (or team of editors) who would enjoy:

  • Creating standard title and closing graphics (idents).
  • Editing videos as required and preparing them for upload.
  • Bringing creative ideas to the process such as incorporation of speakers' slides where available.
  • Anything else that you can think of, such as filming events in the future.

You would be welcome, if you wish, to join the wider Committee and to help with any other aspects of the society that interest you.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact us.

Any time spent volunteering for the society counts as Continuing Professional Development.

Thank you for supporting CSES.

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