Schools' activities

Help us to encourage tomorrow's engineers and scientists by supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities for schools and families.

Contribute to the profession and make a real difference to your community as a CSES member.

CSES works with schools to promote the benefits and wonders of science and engineering careers, through talks, demonstrations and activities. By joining us you could help keep British science and engineering alive, encouraging new generations in the community of its importance and relevance. Our education activities include:

  • Competitions for schools, students and families: For example, we host an annual science and engineering competition for local schools (TEXPO), which brings hundreds of school students together from across Essex to compete with their very own innovative science and engineering projects. As a CSES member, you could be a part of the team that makes this popular event happen, or even be a judge to help decide who wins the prizes!
  • My Smarter Essex and other careers / networking events: A series of conferences on topical issues ranging from urban design to digitally-enabled healthcare, these events connect students with local industry and government to engage them in the design of their county. Contribution, for example as a facilitator or speaker, is both rewarding and interesting.
  • Imagine! STEM Club and other clubs / masterclasses: By helping to deliver our clubs and masterclasses, you can open students' eyes to the science and technology that enable modern life. Furthermore, you will be helping those who are schooled at home and may therefore not have access to the extra-curricular activities undertaken at school.

Browse current volunteering opportunities (for specific activities) or contact us if you'd like to get involved more generally.

All volunteering activity contributes to, and can be counted towards, continuing professional development (CPD).