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Smallpeice Residential Engineering Courses

By James, Year 12

I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend two courses with the Smallpeice Trust. Each was an incredibly informative insight into the world of engineering, and they have together helped me in choosing my path through Sixth Form - guiding my options choices - and in cementing my desire to pursue a career in engineering. During these courses, I had opportunities to speak to many professional engineers, across varied disciplines of engineering, and was fortunate enough to be able to visit a Power Station, along with a Gas Turbine Station - both on a course sponsored by National Grid. These were fascinating experiences, visiting sites which would regularly not be open to the general public.

I would thoroughly recommend Smallpeice courses to anybody looking to learn more about engineering as a career, as I learned a great deal about the field on these courses. Something that benefited me greatly were the opportunities to network with engineering professionals on these courses - this is an excellent way in which Smallpeice courses have helped me greatly. Although I have insofar only discussed my educational experiences on Smallpeice courses, this is not to say that they are solely focussed on education. They are incredibly enjoyable, and are a great place to make friends, with organised social activities allowing social time for the group on each course. 

James has attended Smallpeice's Nuclear Engineering and National Grid Work Experience Week courses.

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