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What is 'Cozfest' and where do I buy the t-shirt?

This article is part of a series of follow-up questions on the My Smarter Essex presentations.

Many, many people wanted to know the answer to this question. It was submitted numerous times to the question/comment messaging board at My Smarter Essex on 6 October.

Well, the short answer is here:

Read on to find out what Cozfest is and why Adam (pictured) was wearing that t-shirt...

On the 7th December 2014, Corran 'Coz' Powell – a friend of Adam's – set off to give his friend James a lift home. They never came back: another car crossed onto the wrong side of the road and hit his vehicle head on. James died at the scene and Coz passed away 8 days later in hospital after suffering traumatic brain injury.

Organ Donor Coz donated his liver, kidneys and pancreas, enabling two people to make it home in time for Christmas. He donated stem cells to help with research, and his heart became part of the Papworth donation after circulatory death research project which recently resulted in Europe's first non-beating heart transplant, saving countless others' lives. He was posthumously awarded the Order of St John in recognition of this.

Coz's long-term plan was to buy land on which he could:

  • Offer a free venue for charity events
  • Run outdoor survival courses to empower and build confidence for disadvantaged young people
  • Host musical events to give new musicians a chance to perform

Land For Coz is a charity set up by Coz's family in his memory to achieve that goal. We would strongly encourage you to look at their Facebook page (see links above), consider donating and buy the t-shirt! Just leave a message on their page.

Some text courtesy of Land For Coz.

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