CSES Imagine! Plastic - Friend or Foe?

CSES Imagine! Plastic – Friend or Foe?

Imagine! the Future by exploring plastic in our lives!

Many people believe that environmentalism begins and ends at the recycling bin. Simply throwing something away into a large recycling bin is enough to make us feel like we've done our bit.

But the recycling process is much more problematic and recycling plastics is much less straight forward than many of us think. Apart from complying with local rules and regulations, recycling is a business and as such must be profitable. If there is no demand for reprocessed materials, nobody will recycle them and if the recycled product is not good quality, nobody will buy it. Consequently, we consumers play a much more important role than we might imagine!

It is vital that we all play our part to ensure our beauty spots are not destroyed by pollution and our town centres are not clogged up with litter.

This particular challenge is concerned with PLASTIC pollution. Enter the challenge to encourage your friends and family to RECYCLE, increase their involvement with their environment and become part of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Please register here if you would like to enter this competition.

To Imagine! the Future, you could:

  • Think of a slogan which will encourage your friends to recycle
  • Design a poster which will inspire the people of Essex to take their litter home
  • Make an item out of unrecyclable plastic which is of use to society
  • Craft a piece of art from a quantity of unrecycleable plastic

The challenge is open to all children up to age 13 or school year 8. Family entries are also welcome, providing at least one eligible child is part of the group.

Please register here if you would like to enter this competition.

You can register from today until noon on Friday 4 June 2021. Find out more and get some inspiration by downloading our activity pack here.

Organised in conjunction with Essex County Council's Sustainability & Resilience and Environmental Departments. Prizes will be awarded to each of the 4 Year Groups. All participants will receive a Certificate from CSES/ECC to acknowledge their Entry. CSES and ECC will consider promoting and sponsoring winning ideas which have potential for further development. All winners will also be invited to visit the Green Recycling plant in Maldon, home to the UK’s first intelligent waste sorting Robot.

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