Payment options

Payment options

There are various ways to pay for your CSES membership, make donations and settle event fees. Full instructions for each are given here.

We are a registered charity and can therefore claim Gift Aid on your membership subscription, which constitutes a donation. If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete a Gift Aid declaration if you have not done this online.

If you have any queries regarding payment, please contact the Treasurer.


We accept payments through our website using PayPal, the safer, easier way to pay online. If you choose this option, you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal website to complete the transaction and then returned to the CSES website.

Please use PayPal if possible: it is the most reliable and least time-consuming method.

Easy for you:

  • Completely safe and secure.
  • Pay with credit card, debit card or direct from a bank account.
  • For one-off transactions, you don’t even need a PayPal account.
  • You will need an account, however, for recurring transactions such as auto-renewing membership.

Easy for us:

  • PayPal sends us payment notifications so we can update our records automatically (for example, when renewing membership).
  • Our volunteers can get on with charity work rather than manually processing bank transactions.

If you cannot use PayPal, the second-preferred method for recurring payments is Standing Order (see below).

Bank transfer (including standing order)

You can make payments direct to our bank account using the details given below. Most banks offer the facility to do this online, over the phone, in a branch or at a self-service machine.

Standing Orders: For recurring payments such as membership subscriptions, please set up a standing order. This is a recurring, periodic payment made automatically by your bank on your behalf. Membership payments should be set up on or about the renewal date each year.

Sort Code


Six-digit code, separated by hyphens.

Identifies the CSES branch at Barclays Bank UK PLC (our bank).

Account Number


Eight-digit code.

Identifies the receiving CSES account.

Billing Name

The Chelmsford Science And Engineering Society

May be used for account name checking.

If you are asked to provide this information, please enter it EXACTLY as written here, up to the character limit imposed by your bank.

Payment Reference


Please log in to see your unique payment reference.

Ten-digit code (four letters then six numbers).

This is unique to you and will be included in any emails requesting payment.


  • Please enter this EXACTLY as shown in your invoice or reminder email.
  • DO NOT include any other characters or punctuation such as slashes, dashes or spaces.
  • DO NOT add or remove any leading zeros within the numerical portion.
  • For membership payments and simple donations, DO NOT enter any other information in the payment reference field. For specific payments such as sales through the website, there may be a suffix, e.g. CSES000000 SHOP.

Please note:

Did you know? According to the Payments Council, UK businesses lose millions of pounds each year (dozens of hours in our case) trying to resolve problems caused by customers / members giving inadequate or incorrect payment information. Please help us by getting this right!


Please send cheques payable to "The Chelmsford Science And Engineering Society" to the Treasurer at the following address:

Anthony McQuiggan
c/o 1 Chelmerton Avenue
United Kingdom

Please write the following information clearly on the reverse of the cheque:


For membership payments, we may be able to accept cash at a CSES event. Please ask any CSES official.

For event fees, we may be able to accept cash on the door, but some events will require pre-booking and pre-payment. See advertisements for specific instructions.

We will gladly accept cash donations at events (e.g. to cover the cost of refreshments). If you choose to make a donation, it may be eligible for Gift Aid so please consider making a Gift Aid declaration.