Annual Schools' Competition

Annual Schools' Competition

Are you in a STEM club at primary or secondary school? Have you made something fantastic in technology or science lessons or for your coursework? Have you created some great software? Have you been doing interesting technical projects at home?

Are you a teacher with pupils or students who have high-quality engineering projects to offer, or a STEM initiative/club that you'd like to showcase? Or are you a parent, guardian or tutor whose child has been working on an exciting project?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then exhibit at the CSES Schools' Competition. It is at the end of each academic year, and there is prize money to be won!

The CSES Schools' Engineering and Technology Competition is aimed at students in local schools in Years 5 to 13. It promotes and rewards science and technology in local schools.

All STEM projects are very welcome, including coursework, hobby projects, and those completed as part of STEM schemes.

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Why should I enter the competition?

The competition doesn't just serve as a means for winning prizes; you will gain a lot more from it than that. We've listed the benefits below:

Judged by members of industry
Members of local companies form a large part of our judging panel. Not only do they provide current professional opinions to help score your project, they are happy to tell you about their careers and answer any questions you might have.

Build your interview and public speaking skills
You will be verbally presenting your project to the judges, and answering their questions. This is a great way to help boost those interview skills!

Develop your presentation skills
As well as presenting verbally, we encourage you to showcase your project graphically, an ideal opportunity to refine your design skills and ability to put together presentations.

Chance to meet VIPs such as MPs and leaders of the City and County Councils
Local dignities love seeing your projects: expect to see several throughout the day and, if they take an interest in your project, to answer their questions too!

Great for CV or University Applications
Entry alone is a great way to show commitment to STEM outside of school, and provides that little something to set you apart from the rest. Even better if you win an award!

See what your peers in other schools have produced
Throughout the day there are opportunities to visit other students' stands and see what their projects are. In fact we are relying on you to do so, as we need you to pick the Students' Choice Award winner.

Win awards
What more do we have to say than we provide substantial awards for winners, and these are for you, not for your school! (Except the STEM Club Award).

To find out more, take a look at our quick guide below.

How do I enter the competition?

The competition is held annually in late June or early July. It's easy to enter:

  1. Check our school events listings for the date of the next competition.
  2. Register your project(s) online when we've announced that we're open for entries.
  3. Read the information for entrants so you have all the details.

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What do I need to know?

The following documents should contain all the information you will need:

Download PDF Quick guide

  • This is a leaflet outlining what the competition is about, what the awards are, the basic rules and how to enter.
  • If you have not entered the competition before, we strongly recommend that you read this leaflet first.

Download PDF Information for entrants

  • If you are thinking of entering or have entered the competition, this document gives you all the information you will need to prepare: how to find and access the venue, what happens on the day, what you need to bring, timings for the day and information about the awards evening.
  • Please read this document in full if you enter the competition.
  • Joining instructions will be sent to all confirmed entrants shortly before the competition.

Download PDF Competition rules

  • It is unlikely that you will need to read these, however these are the full and official competition rules for your reference.
  • This includes the scoring criteria and weightings that we use.

If you have any queries regarding the competition, or your entry has any special requirements, please contact us.

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